Friday, August 7, 2009

Dr. Reed: Thank you so much

Like others have said, Dr. Reed's voice has been in my head all week.

I remember long conversations about the difficulty of balancing research, teaching and service. I'm now a prof in Japan, and constantly struggle with the pressures and pleasures of these roles. Often, when I'm overwhelmed, Dr. Reed's spirit and words come to mind and the weight is lifted.

Dr. Reed shepherded me so kindly in my Ph.D – I always felt like he went above and beyond what a prof needed to do with a student. I feel so fortunate that Dr. Reed helped me finish my dissertation after he and I had both left NYC. I know I would not have been able to finish my coursework or the dissertation without his expertise and remarkable sacrifices of time and effort.

As many have said, I am here because he was there.

It's so strange and awful not to have Dr. Reed on the other side of an email or phone call.

I really feel that he left us too early. He had mentioned to me a few times that he wanted to travel in Asia after he retired, and was looking forward to visiting me in Japan. I'm so sorry we weren't able to see him over here.

I remember his deep love for his dogs. I still have dissertation drafts spotted with puppy prints.

My 3 month-old son's name is Noah William. Both my and my father's middle names are William, but I also though it was fitting to honor Dr. Reed. My wife and I had hoped the two “Williams” would be able to meet some day.

It was so wonderful to see him in last June, and we have some lovely pictures with him:

and of course this is what I wish I could do now:

Dr. Reed, thank you so very much. I miss you.


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